Scottoiler Scottoiler Magnum HCR reservoir

Part No: SO-0005

How the Magnum HCR from Scottoiler Works

The Magnum HCR (High Capacity Reservoir) is a large additional reservoir which can be added to any Scottoiler kit to increase the range between refills. 

The HCR works on the principle of a siphon, as it attaches to the breather on your main reservoir.  As the main reservoir level goes down it usually draws in air from the breather to fill the void, but with the HCR connected to the breather, it siphons through the extra oil instead.  As it does so the level on the HCR will gradually decrease as the oil is drawn through until all the oil has passed into the main reservoir.  The main reservoir sits piggy back in the HCR for a neat compact solution.

Please note - We do not recommend the Touring Kit or Magnum HCR for use in the US due to the smaller size of the number plate.

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