The All-New Speed Triple 1200 RS has arrived

POSTED: 04/03/2021

A revolution comes around and offers invitations to those bold and brazen, ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. The all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS brings with it a powerful and fierce competitor, fitted with a new higher capacity 1160cc triple engine, ready for even more power and acceleration than ever before. With massive performance increases across the board over the previous generation, you'll experience 180PS power, up 30PS, and 125Nm of peak torque, up 8Nm for an even more thrilling, adrenaline-pumping ride.

It's not just pure horsepower contributing to the stunning calibre of the new Speed Triple though, with a 10kg lighter weight, the sharp and agile frame makes it easier to remain fully in control, even as your speed climbs. Delicately and finely balanced for riders to confidently tackle the city, through the any winding escapes they discover, it's easier to feel connected as one with the bike.

Then, at it's heart lies cutting-edge next-generation technology to add customisation and control at your fingertips. With all-new 5" TFT instruments, five riding modes including an enhanced Track mode, a Shift Assist module with up-and-down quickshifting and a new fully keyless system, the new Speed Triple feels even more intuitive and accessible than ever before.

For riders waiting on a sharp, beautiful and class-leading ride - look no further. The all-new Speed Triple 1200 RS brings a fierce ride to the hands of those willing to conquer the road.. will you take the chance?

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